5. Gabrielle (11 mins)

Eight video stories of people with ABI  

There are 8 video stories. They range in viewing time from 3 minutes to 11 minutes. Each is a stand alone short story. 

1. Jonathan  (11mins)
2. Ian (9.5 mins)

3. Gabby  (3.5 mins)
4. Ray  (5 mins)  

5. Gabrielle (11 mins)
6. Scott 
 (5 mins)  

7. Andrew  (4 mins)
8. Wazza (4 mins)



About two and a half years ago Gabrielle went to a beach party and then back to her friend's unit. She fell over a balcony railing onto a concrete garage roof four floors below. She was in a Brain Injury Unit for about 7 months. She is 18, living at home and finishing Year 12.

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