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Brain Injury

Fact Sheets from BrainLink

Acquired Brain Injury Information Kit

Fact Sheets for families

For Those Who Care: A Practical Guide for Families of People with Neurological Conditions or Acquired Brain Injury — hard copy also available as a complete book (PDF) or individual fact sheets, available for download below:

  • Understanding the Nervous System
  • Getting the Best from Your Health Care Team
  • Tests & Technology
  • Managing Medications
  • Complimentary & Alternative Therapies
  • Changes in Thinking & Behaviour
  • Speech & Communication Problems
  • Eating & Swallowing Problems
  • Continence Problems
  • Intimacy & Sexual Activity
  • Managing Fatigue
  • Vision Problems
  • Adapting your Home
  • Lifting & Moving
  • Respite & Residential Care
  • Legal & Financial Matters
  • Driving
  • Grief & Loss
  • Coping with Stress
  • Supporting Children & Grandchildren

Brain Injury Association of NSW

Brain Injury Fact Sheet 1  What is it and how does it happen?
Brain Injury Fact Sheet 2  Changes that may result from a brain injury.
Brain Injury Fact Sheet 4  Brain Injury, Psychiatric Disability, Intellectual Disability - are they the same?

Spinal Cord Injury


When Spinal Injury Affects You Fact Sheets ParaQuad NSW in conjunction with Lifetime Care have collated a series of fact sheets to help you understand spinal cord injury including for example:

  • Adjusting to your Injury
  • Understanding Spinal Cord Injury
  • Getting Ready for home
  • Information for family and friends
  • Accommodation and care
  • Your Bladder
  • Your Skin
  • Your Bowel
  • Spasm and Pain
  • Respiratory Health

Spinal Injuries Association (UK)

Moving Forward. Comprising 18 booklets, is a 'bible' on spinal cord injury written for SCI people, their families as well as healthcare professionals. Each book covers a different topic, from 'Living Independently', Housing & Adaptations, 'Your Rights' and 'Work Matters', to 'Sex Matters, 'Parenting' and 'Compensation'.

University of Alabama - Spinal Cord Injury Model System Information Network

TheUAB-SCIMS offers a series of Information Sheets on selected topics related to SCI.

  • Adjustment to Spinal Cord Injury (PDF)
  • Understanding Spinal Cord Injury & Functional Goals - Basic (PDF)
  • Bladder Care and Management (PDF)