My family is. . .

My family is. . .

There are many types of families.

Families can have stresses and strains at the best of times.

Families where someone has had a ABI or SCI can be even more stretched.

If you are too stretched you may need extra support in addition to attendant care.

Your attendant care worker is not there to provide extra support for the family's functioning.

Your attendant care worker is there to provide support for the person with the injury.

Talk with your case manager or service provider if you need support for your family's functioning. They will be able to refer you to relevant services.

Some additional stressors you may have in your family are:

  • Additional health issues
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Financial hardship
  • Domestic violence







Additional help and support (other than attendant care)

Concerns that family members might have that suggest outside support may be helpful include:

  • Mental Health Concerns
    • Prolonged sadness
    • Withdrawing from interaction
    • Emotional distress
    • Unusual behaviour
  • Drug and Alcohol issues
    • Excessive intake regularly
  • Domestic Violence
    • Disclosure of physical, verbal or emotional violence
    • Need for Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO)
  • Child Protection
    • Disclosure or witnessing physical, verbal or emotional violence
    • Child witness to domestic violence
  • Aging or young carers
    • Struggling to maintain care
    • Unable to have a break
    • Inappropriate care being delivered
  • Families with dependent children
    • Unable to provide enough attention/care to children due to caring role
    • Noticeable effects on children (i.e. difficulties in school or behaviour)
  • Anger as emotional distress
    • Regular aggression
    • Unable to articulate concerns
    • Family conflict often present
    • Relationships are under stress

    Where to get help

    There are many sources of support.

    A case manger should be able to help a family identify relevant supports.