Service provider systems

Good attendant care

Good attendant care service providers have systems in place to ensure they are providing the best possible services and working on how to improve them.

To ensure you get the best possible services service providers need systems in place.
Many of the systems and processes work in the background and you may not be aware of them.
If they are not present or not working problems are likely to arise that you will be aware of.

Signs of systems working well

The service provider calls you to tell you the worker is running late for a shift.
When you left a message for the worker's manager you got your call returned same day or next day.
You have several workers coming to your house at different times.  They seem to work seamlessly as a team – they know what they and others have been doing.

Signs of systems not working well

You are waiting for a worker who doesn’t turn up.
You made a written complaint and you don’t know what is happening about it.
You have several workers coming to your house at different times.  They seem to work at cross purposes.  They never seem to know what the other staff members have been doing or what has happened during the week.


The systems

Typical service provider systems include systems and processes for:

Individual Service Plans

Worked out with the client (and their family).

In the home

Communication book – where workers can write notes (e.g. shift summaries)

Attendant carers

Role description
Code of conduct
Systems for signing in or checking in at the beginning and end of a shift (e.g. paging on and off shift)
System for communicating with the service coordinator about any issues arising

Service coordinators

Establishing individual service plans
Monitoring progress and changes
On call
Supervision of staff
Team work

Reporting to Funding bodies


Client files


Policies and procedures

Behaviour management
Child protection
Cultural diversity
Duty of care
Privacy and confidentiality
Professional boundaries
Use of cars
Worker health and safety