Good attendant care

The essence of good attendant care

At essence good attendant care is supporting people to be independent in:

  • Understanding and communicating
  • Mobility
  • Self-care
  • Getting along and interacting with other people
  • Life activities like leisure, work and education and
  • Participation in the community.

The attendant care will be unique to you and goal directed.

To get attendant care right the you (and your family) must be fully participating in the service process.

The you and your family, workers and service providers all need to know what good attendant care looks like and how to get it.

The quality of the working relationships is very important and needs to be such that everyone involved:

  • Feels safe, respected and heard
  • Can talk about relevant issues and concerns (everything from the best way to do a lift or transfer to personal and cultural preferences about food, ways of communicating, values, beliefs, concerns and complaints).

Good attendant care is where workers and services:

  • Keep you at the centre of planning and delivery of services
  • Work with you to achieve goals to increase and/or maintain independence.

The Attendant Care Workers will be professional workers and maintain professional boundaries. You and your family members will also maintain professional boundaries with the attendant care workers.

Where you are living with family members the workers will work appropriately with the family.

The attendant care work will be culturally appropriate.

Getting attendant care right requires:

  • Ongoing monitoring, review and improvement
  • Effective ways of solving problems and making complaints and
  • Service providers with appropriate systems and processes to support workers in providing quality attendant care

Good attendant care:

  • Is based on principles
  • Meets standards (e.g. National Standards for Disability Services and Attendant Care Industry Standards)
  • Is provided by competent staff
  • Is supported by professional service providers committed to providing quality services and improving them (or the person receiving attendant care and/or their family if they are the employer).