My house needs modification

My House needs modification

Some people need to move from where they were living prior to the injury.

Many people returning home need modifications to their houses before they can go home.

Ramps, wider doorways, bathroom rails, wider decks are common.  There needs to be more space for maneuverability.  There needs to be more holds for support. 

Getting modifications done can be disruptive.

Waiting for modifications to be completed can be frustrating.

The right modifications can make it possible for you to live at home.

Getting the right modifications involves professional assessments of your needs and the modifications that will be appropriate to meet your needs.




We can modify your house

My case worker found out I owned a house. She said “OK, well, what we can do is we can modify your house and you’d be able to live there”. Which is what they did.

What changes did they make?

Well, they made the kitchen accessible for me and the bathroom. And they put a deck out the back as well plus a ramp at the front door so I can get in and out on the wheelchair.